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Bouquet of the Month- Dried & Preserved

Bouquet of the Month- Dried & Preserved


Discover Endless Floral Delights with Our Monthly Subscription Service

Are you ready to embark on a journey of floral enchantment? Introducing our exclusive monthly subscription service, designed to bring the beauty of bespoke dried bouquets right to your doorstep, month after month.


Unleash Your Inner Floral Connoisseur

With our subscription, you're not just receiving a bouquet; you're unlocking a world of endless possibilities. Each month, delight in the discovery of a new signature In Flower creation meticulously crafted by our expert florists. From captivating color palettes to enchanting arrangements, every bouquet is a masterpiece waiting to adorn your home.


Convenience Redefined

Bid farewell to last-minute dashes to the florist or frantic searches for the perfect gift. Our subscription service offers unparalleled convenience, ensuring that a fresh burst of floral elegance arrives at your doorstep without fail, month after month. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, our subscription makes the art of gifting effortless and unforgettable.


Endless Inspiration for Every Season

Just as the seasons change, so do our floral tastes. With our subscription, you'll stay effortlessly in tune with the ebb and flow of nature's beauty. From the vibrant hues of spring to the cozy warmth of autumn, each bouquet reflects the essence of the season, infusing your surroundings with a touch of natural splendor.


Transform Your Space, One Bouquet at a Time

Your home is your canvas, and with our subscription service, you're the artist. Elevate your interior decor with the ever-changing allure of dried flowers. Whether adorning your dining table, brightening up a dull corner, or creating a stunning centerpiece for your next gathering, our bouquets effortlessly breathe life into any space.


Sustainable Elegance

Join us in our commitment to sustainability. Dried flowers not only exude timeless elegance but also promote environmental responsibility. By choosing our subscription service, you're embracing a greener approach to floral beauty, one that celebrates nature's bounty without compromising its future.


Exclusive Perks and Special Offers

As a valued subscriber, you're entitled to exclusive perks and special offers. From member-only discounts to priority access to limited-edition collections, we're dedicated to enriching your floral experience every step of the way.


Ready to Embrace the Possibilities?

Don't wait to immerse yourself in the wondrous world of floral elegance. Subscribe today and embark on a journey filled with endless blooms, boundless inspiration, and unforgettable moments of floral delight.


Price Options
Bouquet of the Month
Dried & Preserved
$50.00every month until canceled
  • Size

    Each month you will recieve a medium size wrapped bouquet valued at $50

  • Cancellation Policy

    You will be automatically charged to the payment method you use at check out on a monthy basis but you are free to cancel this subscription at anytime. 

  • Shipping

    Nationwide shipping & local delivery available. 

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