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Dried Floral Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dried florals last? 

Typically we tell people the dried flowers will last up to a year with proper care but they are known to last longer than that. 

Are the dried florals safe for pets and children? 

While the dyes and paints used in our florals are considered non toxic we do advise you to keep them away from pets and children. They should not be ingested. 

How big will the arrangement be?

Please see the sizing description listed below each item. While we do our best to provide approximate measurements the size will vary due to the nature of the products. 

Why does my bouquet look different then what is pictured?


We do our best to represent our bouquets accurately via color and size of the florals in all of pictures and videos but because we are working with dyes and paints sometimes the colors and can turn out differently in slightly different shades. 

Flower also grow in all shapes and sizes because of this bouquets will vary in fluffiness and fullness.

We do not replace florals or accept returns due to slight color discrepancies. This includes a la carte Dried Wedding flowers. 


Can I use your dried floral bouquets as a wedding/bridal bouquet?


We do  not consider In Flower dried bunches in our seasonal lines as bridal bouquets. We also do not consider our Bespoke Hand tied Bouquet a bridal bouquet. You are welcome to order these and use them however you please but we are not responsible for unhappiness or issues you have while using them for a wedding or any other event you haven't specified  or contacted us about. We do offer ala carte dried wedding pieces on our Dried Weddings page. We also offer wedding and event orders but they are not handled through our retail shop. For wedding inquiries please fill out the contact form. 

Will the dyes stain?

In Flower dried bunches are created using different types of dyes and paints. Color transfer is possible. We recommend not handling them often and leaving them for decor.

Do they need water?

No, the florals are dried and preserved and should be kept away from water and out of humidity if possible. This will help them last longer and keep their shape. 

How long does it take to ship?

Please allow 2-14 days for processing. You may choose expedited shipping during checkout for faster shipping but we cannot guarantee an arrival time. You will receive an email with shipping notification once your order has been shipped. Please check tracking provided as well as with the carrier service first before inquiring about your package. Please contact us if your order is damaged during transit.

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