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A Desert Vibe

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Hi friends!

Many months ago before Covid-19 pushed us all into quarantine I got one last trip in out to the deserts of Palm Springs, California. I was able to attend the Altitude Design Summit where I met lots of other creatives and got to connect more with other Asian Americans. Both of which had been a main goal for me this year.

While there I was able to collaborate with Isabella of Bella Creative Palm Springs, a photographer who was able to take us to some great local areas to create the perfect scene for my flowers.

I wanted the flowers to really pop against the desert backdrop and I'm sucker for vibrant reds. When I first got to Los Angeles I hit the flower market and was able to find some very beautiful roses and ranunculus. I also created all this in my hotel room the day before so it was a bit tricky but in the end it all worked itself out. This combined with our gorgeous model created something truly beautiful. Take a look!

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